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An instructional ebook on how to get customers to revisit your website and buy your products & services.

The marketing basics – how to set up website forms, form mail script, custom form code, create and manage a database, bulk emailing software, promotional flyers, eblasting.

Selling on your website – get paid with PayPal, Add to Cart, Buy Now, View Cart, custom buttons, gift certificates, shopping cart, website sales, online store, digital delivery, E-Junkie TV, YouTube promotions and more…

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Roddy McKay

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Roddy McKay is a Country style musician singing about coming from Scotland to California on the the road from Hell to Happiness. Roddy McKay is like a Scottish “Bob Dylan” whose songs question the meaning of life, the way we live and and the value of life itself. In his spare time he's helping people getting their website up and their music out to the world.

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