How to sell your E-Book on

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about selling your own E-Book on

How can I sell my E-Book on
How much do you charge?
How and when do I get paid?
How much should I charge for the E-Book?
Can I still sell my E-Book elsewhere?
Who are the people behind the

How can I sell my E-Book on

To sell your E-Book on the book has to be in .pdf format and of course you have to be the original author of it.

The first step to get your E-Book on the store is to fill in the form you find at the bottom of this page and send me a copy of the E-Book for me to review it. I will then contact you via e-mail and tell you whether I will sell it or not (most probably I will). I will also tell you what I think could be improved.

In a second step I will ask you to write a description for the book which will appear on its product-page.

How much do you charge?

I currently charge 20% commissions on each sale of which a good part is going into the safe payment method (PayPal). In other words you will get full 80% of each sale.

Payment calculator
Selling copies of the book per month
at a price of $ per book
you would get: $/month.

I currently don’t charge any setup fee.

How and when do I get paid?

You will have to have a PayPal account to get the payments. I’m sending out the payments through PayPal around the 25th of each month. The text looks something like this:

Total sold on Sept 25 157. Total sold on Oct 25 175. 175-157=18 copies sold this month 18*9.99$ = 179.82 $ -20% commissions = 143.86 $

How much should I charge for the E-Book?

If you have a book priced at 15$ and sell three copies a day you earn 45$ a day. Maybe if you lower the price to 12$ you would sell two more copies each day hence five copies a day and earn 60$ a day.

The question is not how much you would like to get for it. The question is how much you would pay for it if you were a potential-customer. I think best is to start with a lower price and perhaps increase it after you got some reviews, the voice is spread and you edited the book to perfectionate it.

I let you choose a price between 8 and 20 US dollars (USD).

Can I still sell my E-Book elsewhere?

Of course! This is completely non-exclusive. So you could still sell it on your own website or any other store even if you sell it on the more places you sell it on the higher the probability someone will find and buy your book.

Who are the people behind

My name is Cédric Giger, I was born on September 15th 1986. I currently live in Basel (Switzerland) and am running this store as a hobby. I wrote various E-Books: E-Book, How to write an E-Book in Pages, Il rock racconta il suo tempo (Italian) and am running different websites such as and

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