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My very own mission and the goal of this E-Book is to show you what you can do in iWeb in addition to the obvious things. Explain in plain English without using unnecessary technical jargon how to achieve the effect you want in steps which are simple to follow even with no technical knowledge. In other words the goal is to provide you the tools to easily get more out of iWeb.

In addition to the content of the iWebFAQ.org website the iWebFAQ.org E-Book also includes instructions about: Auto-Fading photos slideshow, Random text or images (or random anything else), Floating menu (or float anything else), Sliding image menu, Accordion menu, Anchors (links to specific spot on a page), Background slideshow, Five Star rating system (Bonus Chapter) and much more… which are not discussed on the website.

The book will also save you a lot of time since you don’t have to spend your time searching for a solution on Google and figure out how it works anymore. It’s all there. And if it isn’t you could suggest me to include a chapter about it in a future update.

Table of contents: free .pdf download or open in browser (opens in a new window)

Free sample: free .pdf download or open in browser (opens in a new window)

Current version: 2.5 (09/2012) (release history) (get update)

Price: 12$ (Updates are free)

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FAQ about this book:

Does this book work with iWeb ’09? Yes, the book was written with iWeb ’09 in mind.
Does this book work with iWeb ’08? Yes, between iWeb ’08 and iWeb ’09 there are almost no difference at all. The only difference is that in iWeb ’09 you can publish sites to different locations and in iWeb ’08 all sites get published to the same location.
Does this book work with iWeb ’06? Yes, but since iWeb ’06 has no HTML Snippets you have to add all the codes with what I call Alternative HTML (Chapter 2). Nevertheless everything should work just fine, I always use Alternative HTML instead of HTML Snippets. If you want to have multiple sites with iWeb ’06 you need to have multiple Domain files.
How can I get updates? All you have to do is go to the Contact page, type in your e-mail address in the “Automatic Update or Fresh Download Link Request” form and you will get an e-mail with a link for you to download the latest version of the book. The current version of the book is found at the top of each page of my website. If you would like to get notified of updates join RapidWeaverFAQ.org on Facebook or Twitter.

Esiste una versione in italiano di questo libro? Purtroppo no.

Gibt es dieses Buch auch auf Deutsch? Leider nein.

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Cédric Giger

About Cédric Giger

Cédric Giger was born on September 15th 1986 in the city of Lugano (Switzerland). Since the end of 2006 he's living in Basel. After studying an year of psychology and an year of economics he's looking forward to become a social worker someday. Aside from cycling, photography and good music he has a big passion for languages. His very own mission is to try to make things easier for other people especially for what concerns website building.

69 thoughts on “iWebFAQ.org E-Book, How to easily get more out of Apple’s iWeb

  1. Thank you! Love your E-Book…extremely helpful and gives me exactly what I am looking for.

  2. Cédric,
    Thanks, as always, for the updates.
    I have referred so many people to your site for iWeb. I work for Apple as a Trainer and work with people all day long with iWeb.
    Couldn’t live without your manual! Thanks!
    Tracy in Boulder Colorado

  3. Thanks so much! I use it every time I am in iWeb. It’s Great… Saved me many times. Ron

  4. Dear Cédric,

    taking your last update as a welcome occasion, I would like to thank you for all of your expertise and the wonderful ease with which you share your knowledge with anyone trying to make it on the internet using iWeb.

    I had built my own site with iWeb after I had been disappointed by two web designers… I have been using Apple computers for over twenty years – much before the time of the Mac-hype 😉 So I thought I would give it a try, and it worked out fine.

    After experiencing some serious computer troubles (never had that happen before in all that time…), I needed to buy a MacBook to at least be able to access the internet and have e-mail (that was the problem with my iMac) – both of which are very important to my work. (By the way: in the meantime all of the problems have evaporated into thin air without the doing of anyone. After half a year – all of a sudden – everything worked again. Before, no specialist could help… Go figure.)

    ANYWAY ;-): I needed to transfer my website from the iMac to the Mac Book and I just didn’t know how to do that, and for a long time I just left the website as it was without updating it. I was afraid of trying and not succeeding and suffering a serious nervous break-down as a result… Well, I found you and your book in the internet, and that seemed heaven-sent!

    You have helped me tremendously and now I am even building websites for others! Thank you ever so much!

    My website isn’t very special – I used an iWeb theme and tried to personalize it to my needs and taste, but you are more than welcome to visit it: http://www.equidographie.de

    I know how important feedback is to any kind of creative work, so I felt it to be a necessity to let you know how important your knowledge is – and the way in which you share it: Always motivating and encouraging with such a friendly base note that makes me feel as though I had a good pal sitting by my side guiding me along.

    Thanks again and best wishes,


  5. Thanks Cédric.

    Your book is excellent and really explores everything you can do with iWeb. I’m quite surprised how versatile it is.

    Well Done.


  6. Hi!
    I’m stunned. Flabbergasted. Overwhelmed.
    And very grateful.
    This book is worth every cent it costs, and every minute I read in it so far.
    It didn’t, unfortunately, solve my iWeb problem of the week (month, year…),
    but it has been a great help for a lot of other issues.
    Thanks an awful lot, Cèdric!

  7. Thanks Cedric! You book is fabulous and worth every penny and then some. You response to additional questions has been first rate. I am going to recommend this book to all of my apple friends in web development. Even if you work in Dream Weaver directly; your book provides additional tips and resources that I have not found anywhere else. It would have taken me years to compile the resources that you have put in your book to share with others. Many Thanks again.

    Cathy in Sunny California

  8. I never leave comments about products but Cedric’s iWeb book is so amazing I just had to post a comment. I was frustrated and tried many different products. I wanted to stay with iWeb for my new business website but I couldn’t seem to find enough documentation. Thank goodness I stumbled along this website and book! The information was extremely useful and allowed me to create a website I can be proud of. Thank you Cedric – I am now a loyal follower of your site.

  9. Can I assume that I can run your e-books on my iPad
    My experience is that when working on my laptop flipping to and fro is a pain.But using my iPad would solve that problem, while I could still share code.
    Glad to see a Swiss entrepreneur. I was a professor in Lausanne starting up IMEDE long before you were born

  10. Hi Don,

    thank you for your comment.

    Of course the E-Books can be read on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch as well. Detailed instructions on how to do that are found under “How do I read a book I purchased?” on this page.

    Thank you for your interest and kind regards,

  11. Thank you for your generosity of time and knowledge.

    I have appreciated your ebook immensely, your efforts on this project is “great”.

    Greetings from Arizona, USA
    The Grand Canyon State!

  12. We have to thank Cédric with all our heart for his book but beyond his book, his patience and all the help he has given us in answering all the very daft questions we asked to finally get our drop down menu to work as well as creating the auto fading slideshow. And now we are aiming in adding new things to the web page – his sharing is enabling us to present our association in a very professional way and if we can do it, with the help of this book we are sure you can do it as well. Thank you so much and many blessings!

  13. Not only is this e-book well worth the money, with more tricks than you’ll have time to employ, but the customer service is thumbs up fantastic. I lost my link twice and Cedric was willing to give me access again. Plus he responded within a few hours both times. Also, let me assure you, the book is much better written than this review… Very easy to understand 🙂 Thanks again!!!

  14. Dear Cédric,

    I am an absolute layman in website publishing and HTML, but thanks to your ebook I am on a steep learning curve. Your book is amazing in it completeness, comfort and logical buildup. Chapeau and my sincere gratitude and respect for your achievement, and all the time you must have invested.
    Warm regards,

  15. We are using the latest iWeb Version 3.0.4 since inception with the first iLife. Ever since we have build various websites, some with over 150 pages, multiple external links and Snippets like Shopping Carts with PayPal and most helpfully with iWeb Valet (Version 2.4.5) Drop Down Menus and other “gadgets”.
    We, as an Apple User Group still promote its versatility, it still works still under El Capitan (OS X 10.11.1). Its just to sad that Apple does not support it anymore, in our opinion it was the best Web Designer App, still better than many other Web Designer Apps.
    Keep it up, simplicity is not beaten by any others.

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