Independent Musician’s Guide to Selling Songs on the Internet

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The Independent Musician’s Guide to Selling Songs on the internet takes you through the process of releasing your songs and getting them into online stores such as iTunes, Napster, Amazon and Rhapsody.

Including how to:

Choose a distributor
Prepare and upload the files and info
Release the songs
Choose your retailers
Manage your account
Create promotional downloads
Promote on your website
Copyright & licensing
And more…..

The ebook has an interactive index to help you quickly navigate its contents.

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Roddy McKay

About Roddy McKay

Roddy McKay is a Country style musician singing about coming from Scotland to California on the the road from Hell to Happiness. Roddy McKay is like a Scottish “Bob Dylan” whose songs question the meaning of life, the way we live and and the value of life itself. In his spare time he's helping people getting their website up and their music out to the world.

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