How To Build A Custom Website

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Web Design Basics:
Design software
Guidelines for text content
Preparing images for the internet
File handling
Publishing and uploading via FTP
Preparing files for download
iFrames and how to use them

Website Features:
Enable visitor comments
Contact forms
HTML documents
Password protecting pages and folders
Popup windows
Website search feature
Mapping your website

How to display large images
Popup images
Rollover images
Rollover image hyperlinks
Mouse over to enlarge images

Website Media:
Preparing media files for the web

MP3 and MP4 music players
Multi song playlist player
QuickTime and HTML5
Button Players
Music Store WIdget

Scrolling Text and Images
Javascript banners
Banners with hyperlinks and captions

Poster Frames
Easy website movie method
JW media player
VideoJS media player
Vimeo & YouTube customized

JQuery slideshow
Easy visual slideshow
Galleria slider
Nivo slider
Wow slider
Anything slider
Simple javascript slideshows

Publishing and SEO
Promotion and sales
Selling songs on the internet
Build a Musician’s Website
Help and tech support

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Roddy McKay is a Country style musician singing about coming from Scotland to California on the the road from Hell to Happiness. Roddy McKay is like a Scottish “Bob Dylan” whose songs question the meaning of life, the way we live and and the value of life itself. In his spare time he's helping people getting their website up and their music out to the world.

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