Original release date of the E-Book:

September 25th, 2010 with v.0.5


Various updates

In 2012 I took this book offline for six months for me to update it. It had seen some updates before too but needed a general overhaul.


October 15th, 2012 v.1.5


- Click counter (p. 261)
How can I see how many times a certain link is clicked or how many times a certain file was downloaded?
- Multilingual websites (p. 268)
This chapter was completely rewritten
- Background (p. 75)
A new chapter about setting a background. See example at http://wpfaq.org/site/background/
- Background slideshow * (p. 79)
A new chapter which is discussed only in the E-Book about adding a slideshow as the background of a page, post or the entire site. See an example of this here: http://wpfaq.org/site/background-slideshow/
- Accordion menu * (p. 127)
A new chapter on how to add an Accordion menu to your page, post or sidebar. Discussed only in the E-Book. See http://wpfaq.org/site/accordion-menu/ for an example.
- Rollover buttons or images * (p. 130)
Added how to have rollover buttons or images with fade-effect. This is E-Book only. Examples in Chapter 2 of this page: http://wpfaq.org/site/rollover-buttons-and-images/
- Custom fonts * (p. 137)
How to use custom fonts on the web
- Different tabs with slides effect (p. 149)
This is E-Book only. See http://wpfaq.org/site/different-tabs/
- Mixed contents slideshow * (p. 152)
E-Book only. See http://wpfaq.org/site/mixed-slideshow/ for an example.
- Date and time (p. 164)
New chapter about having the current date displaying or count-down or count-up timers
- Five Star rating system * (245)
You will find an example of this at the bottom of most of the pages of my wpfaq.org website as well as on this page: http://wpfaq.org/site/rating-system/. This is only discussed in the E-Book.


- Movies and Flash content (p. 198)
Updated the instructions on how to embed movies with HTML5
- Music and audio (p. 67)
Added some HTML5 Players. See http://wpfaq.org/site/music-and-audio/.

- More updates in various chapters...

*E-Book-only FAQs