E-Book, How to easily get more out of PhpBB Forum engine

PhpBB is a web-based application which is designed to be used as a Forum, Discussionboard or Messageboard.

You will find some websites hosting a Forum for you for free. However most of those services are unreliable and full of advertising. I would really recommend you to install the forum on your own hosting account.

There are a lot reasons why I would recommend you to use PhpBB. Discuss with your visitors offering them a platform for them to talk to each other, keep in touch with people, share ideas, get ideas from other people and more. PhpBB is the most used forum engine and simply works.

The website and the E-Book don’t go out to professional Web-Developers but go out to every day users like me just wanting to build a website with a Forum on it. They will guide you through all the steps from installing the PhpBB Forum on your server to setting up and using your Forum.

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