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Thank you so much for, People For People. You have thought about the problems in depth; you analyze them with skill; you tap into a number of important authors and speakers (King, Tolle, Peck, Keller, Einstein, others); and you write with great intelligence, insight, grace, passion and compassion. Good for you!

No question about it, conscious living is essential, as are independence, love and creativity.

Your book is a marvelous first step to seeing the lies, illusions, mendacity, and general madness of the external social context. And you touch on equally important matters all along the way, perhaps especially in your later chapters, when you mention several times the need for self-understanding, self-realization, and the courage to live an independent, authentic life, free from the fear-and-greed-driven dependency-conditioning inflicted upon us from birth by the dominant socio-political-economic paradigm….

Again, let me thank you for People For People. I respect and admire the good work, the passion, the excellent writing, and clear insights into problems in the socio-economic context created by underlying psycho-spiritual problems in the human mind. It is my hope that you find a top-notch publisher for your book. You deserve it, the public deserves it, and the times themselves need it!

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All the very best,
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