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How does buying an eBook work?
How do I download a book once I bought it?
How do updates work?
Why E-Books and not paper-books?
How do I read a book I purchased?
Can I print the books on paper?
What about refunds?
Can I sell my E-Book on
What if I experience problems in the process of buying a book?
How was this store made?

How does buying an eBook work?

1. Add the product(s) to the cart by visiting the product’s page and hitting the “Add to cart” button(s)

2. Hit the Check out button

3. Payment:

– If you have a PayPal account all you will have to do is login to your PayPal account, review the order and confirm it.

– If you don’t have a PayPal account you can also pay with Credit Cards. To do that on the check-out page click on

and enter your information

Make sure you double-check your e-mail address since that’s where the PayPal and the store’s confirmation e-mails will be sent to.
Review the order and confirm it.

If you don’t want to use PayPal or can’t use PayPal you could also use, send the money to telling me which book you’re paying for.

PayPal and Moneybookers work for every country except: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Sudan.

If you live in one of the above countries you may want to ask a trusted friend living outside these countries to do the payment for you. (Back)

How do I download a book once I bought it?

Once the payment was successfully made you will have to wait for about five seconds for you to be automatically redirected to the Thank you! page. On this page you will find the links for you to download the products you bought. Simply click on the links and the download process should start automatically.

Along with the e-mail from PayPal confirming the payment you should also get another E-Mail from sales(at) with the subject reading “Thank you and download links” which contains encrypted links to download the products you ordered.

Please also check in your spam folder when looking for the e-mail! (especially if you’re on Yahoo mail and Hotmail which we found to be quite unreliable).

Please download the products from the page you’re redirected to after going through the payment process. Also note that the links you find in the e-mail will expire 48 hours after you made the payment. (Back)

How do updates work?

Updates are only offered on some E-Books and mentioned on the product-page if available. If checking the E-Book’s product page you see that there is a newer version of the book than the one you have go to the contact page and fill in the Automatic Update or Fresh Download Link Request form. You will then get an e-mail with a link for you to download the latest version of the book.

Should you experience any trouble please use the form you find at the bottom of that page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (Back)

Why E-Books and not paper-books?

E-Books are easier to read, search in them and carry them around (on your computer, your iPhone,…)

Depending on the kind of E-Book it’s easier to send out updates (correcting mistakes, adding new features) and you can easily copy & paste code you find in them which for example is essential in a book talking about the web.

How do I read a book I purchased?

On a computer

The books you buy from are in .pdf format.

If you’re on a Mac you can open them in Preview, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader and more. I would recommend you to use Preview.

If you’re on a PC use Adobe’s Adobe’s Acrobat Reader or any other application opening PDF files.

On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

To read a book on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad make sure you have the iBooks app installed on your device.

Simply drag&drop the book you bought into iTunes

and it will appear in your list

Connect your iOS device for it to show up under Devices in iTunes and select it

In your syncing preferences go to Books and make sure Books are being synced

and hit

Once the syncing is terminated go to your device and open

It will probably open in Books mode.

Click on Books at the top of the screen and select PDFs

You will now see your E-Book appearing

Click on it to open it

E-Book internal links and hyperlinks work as usual and table of contents too. Just click them.

Can I print the books on paper?

Yes, you can print them if you want. If you want to print a book it is generally recommended to print the books with a two pages per page layout. The readability is still very good, mostly even better than printing with a one page per page layout. There’s more space for you to take notes in the margin while reading, it uses less ink and it uses less paper which is environmentally friendlier.

However to be environmentally friendly it is not recommended to print larger books. For these books it’s much better to print only the table of contents on paper then read the chapters you’re interested in.

What about refunds?

You will not get your money back for any reason, sorry. The contents discussed in the E-Books are fully described on the E-Book’s product page so you know what you’re buying. Also there’s no way you could buy “the wrong” book since after hitting the check-out button you have to confirm the product you’re buying and that’s where you could correct the “mistake”. By buying an E-Book you automatically agree to this rule.

Can I sell my E-Book on

Of course! How you can sell your own E-Book on is described on the appropriate page you find here.

What if I experience problems in the process of buying a book?

If you experience any problem which is not addressed by these FAQs please refer to the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How was this store made?

How I made this store is fully described here.

Thank you for your interest and visiting this site,

PS: Please write reviews about the E-Books and suggest what the authors could improve.